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10Musume 080420_01 A Beautiful Computer Instructor Who Lost The Way To Set Up Felt Guilty And Even Let Me Cum Inside Satomi Igarashi

El Nino

uploaded 2020-08-04 04:22:13



2020-08-04 04:22:13




Uncensored , Creampie , Slender , Blowjob , Handjob , Cowgirl , Doggystyle




Mr. Satomi, a slender and beautiful instructor, came to us for her personal lesson on a computer. They greeted each other lightly, and today he seems to be having a bad condition at his computer, and he will take a private lesson at an internet cafe. She messed up the settings of the computer to start the lesson immediately, but the lesson seems to be because the operation system seems to be different from the personal computer at home and the lesson does not proceed at all. Her embarrassed expression in a panicked state was so sexy that she erected accidentally. Therefore, I suggested that you use the body of the teacher to teach you basic PC operations. “Oh, oh... yes, I see. I understand.” I'm confused by the incomprehensible proposal, but honestly OK. Click on the small but beautiful breasts with your finger, drag between the nipples with your finger, etc. Is the mouse grip like this? Teacher? And try to make the breasts eagle and try all you can. By double-clicking the mouse below with your finger, the modest voice Ah, yeah gradually becomes louder, and the pant voice echoes. He forgave me for vaginal cum shot.

パソコンの個人レッスンで来てくれたのは、スレンダーで綺麗な講師、さとみさん。軽く挨拶を交わし、今日は家のパソコンの調子が悪いらしくネットカフェで個人レッスンをしてくれるとのこと。早速、レッスンを始めましょうかとパソコンの設定をいじりだした彼女、しかし、家のパソコンとオペレーションシステムが違うらしく設定がわからない様子でレッスンがまったく進まない。彼女のパニック状態の困った表情がなんとも色っぽ過ぎてうっかり勃起。そこで、基本的なパソコン動作を先生の身体を使っておしえてもらえませんかと提案。「えっ、あっ… はい、そうですね。わかりました」と訳のわからない提案に戸惑いながらも素直にOK。小ぶりだが綺麗な形のおっぱいを指でクリックしてみたり、乳首と乳首の間を指でドラッグしてみたり、マウスのにぎりかたはこんな感じでいいですか先生?とおっぱいを鷲づかみにしてみたりとヤリタイ放題。下のマウスを指でダブルクリックで「あぁん、いゃぁん」と控えめだった声がだんだん大きくなり、喘ぎ声が響き渡る。中出しまで許してくれました。


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