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10Musume 100617_01 Jav video Amateur AV interview Tattoo keeping inserting since 18 years old

El Nino

uploaded Oct 19th, 2017



Oct 19th, 2017




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Watch Jav Porn Jav video Black hair and white skin till the waist, a tattoo in the whole body and plenty of pierced earrings. Eros and omnipresent presence are the artistic atmosphere. The tattoo seems to be keeping putting on since the age of 18, and the goal seems to continue until there is no place to put it in the whole body. For pierced earrings, about 10 in forehead, nipple, earlobe, tongue, rice ballad. The reason for the application is "I like AV," he said. I heard that I was watching AV since I was not an elementary school student, so I started watching the first masturbation and first experience, tattoos I put in for the first time, things when I put a tattoo, what I saw when I entered a public bath, introduction of a tattoo in my whole body Although it is an interesting content as a documentary as usual, please check with us about the neighborhood actually. Well, first, from masturbation I keep from childhood. Masturbation by fingering nipples, clitoris peels, pussy of both pussy, etc. Pantyhose piercing through a glossy tattoo body! Enjoy plenty of blindfold restraint rotors & vibe play to vaginal cum shot SEX. Ultimate eros rare degree highest degree! Must-see!...腰まである黒髪と白い肌、全身に刺青と沢山のピアス。滲み出るエロスと存在感が、アーティスト的な雰囲気です。刺青は、18歳の頃からずっと入れ続けているそうで、目標は全身に入れるところが無くなるまで続けたいそうです。ピアスの方は、おでこ、乳首、耳たぶ、舌、おまんこなどに10個ほど。応募の理由は、「AVが好きなので」とのこと。小学生になってない頃からAVを観ていたそうで、初オナニーや初体験、初めて入れたタトゥーや、刺青を入れる時のこと、銭湯に入った時のこと、全身に入れている刺青の紹介等々、普通にドキュメンタリーとしても興味深い内容ですが、その辺りは実際に映像の方でご確認ください。さて、まずは、幼少からし続けているオナニーから。乳首と、クリトリスの皮、オマンコの両方のビラビラなどのピアスを弄ってオナニー。艶かしい刺青ボディをくねらせ喘ぎまくり!目隠し拘束ローター&バイブプレイから中出しSEXまでたっぷりお楽しみくださーい。究極のエロス・レア度最高!必見でーす! on JavTC.com


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