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Former Homeroom Teacher Is Super Piss On The Beautiful Ass Of Active J Active J Rui-chan With A Smile That Can Be Played

El Nino

uploaded 2021-07-19 08:49:47



2021-07-19 08:49:47



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[Caution: After watching, I want her almost 100% J ○] Rui-chan (* ^ _ ^ *), who is full of energy and welcomes her uncle with a charming smile, is actually uncle, Rui I'm a teacher at the school I attend. It feels like two people who have fallen in so-called forbidden love. When the erotic switch is turned on, she strokes her cat and spoils her with a voice (* ^ _ ^ *) What do you like best about Kawasu Rui-chan? She has a wonderful butt so that she can immediately answer butt when asked, and a nice butt with elasticity peculiar to active J ○. If you violently piston like hitting your hips against such a nice ass, you will hear a rhythmic and creepy sound ♪ I-chan who matches the rhythm of bread bread also says Anan ♡ (* ^ _ ^ *) The first shot was put on my stomach as a gentleman's manner, but the second shot was raw and put inside (^ _ ^;) I thought it would be okay to wash it before landing, so hurry up and join me I took a bath, but in front of J ○'s nakedness again ... After all, I got a blow job and finally I got a dopyu on my face. Uncle got 3 shots in a day (^ _ ^;) Dashisugi [Main story appearance]

【注意:視聴後、ほぼ100%J○の彼女が欲しくなってしまいます】今日も元気いっぱいでおじさんを迎えてくれる、チャーミングな笑顔がキュート過ぎるるいちゃん(*^_^*)実はおじさん、るいちゃんが通っているスクールでティーチャーやってる。所謂、禁断の恋に落ちた二人って感じだねσ(^_^;)普段はハツラツとしているるいちゃんだけど、少しキスをしただけでエロスイッチが入っちゃうお年頃。エロスイッチが入ると猫撫で声で甘えてきます(*^_^*)カワユス るいちゃんのどこが一番好きですか?と聞かれたら「お尻」と即答できるぐらいにはお尻が素晴らしい、現役J○特有のハリのある美尻。そんな美尻に腰を打ちつけるように激しくピストンしてやるとリズミカルにパンパンと小気味いい音がするんですよね♪パンパンのリズムに合わせてるいちゃんも「あんあんっ♡」って(*^_^*)一発目はちゃんと紳士のマナーとしてゴム付けてお腹に出したんだけど、2発目は生で中に出しちゃった(^_^;)着床する前に洗えば大丈夫だと思ったから急いで一緒にお風呂に入ったんだけど、J○の全裸を前にまたムラムラ…。結局フェラで抜いてもらって最後はお顔にドピュ…。おじさん1日で3発も出しちゃった(^_^;)ダシスギ【本編顔出し】


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