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Sarina Neat And Naive College Student

El Nino

uploaded 2021-09-10 16:04:05



2021-09-10 16:04:05



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When I meet, a youthful, neat and naive college student. When I talked, I was wondering why such a girl was, but I heard various things because I thought it was a rare opportunity. She dreamed of being an idol or an actress in her parents' house, went to her idol office, Sukuru, and occasionally appeared on TV. She also learned fuger skating and French when she was in elementary school. She started playing the flute from the middle of the 1st grade, and she was actually a rich lady in an environment where musical instruments were playing in the houses around her. She believed she couldn't make a boyfriend for an idol and she couldn't do SEX, and she didn't even kiss until she was 20 years old. She was desperate because she gave up on being an idol in her second year of college, and she thought she wouldn't let her parents know if it was a matching app, so she dedicated her virginity to a man she knew, including her three boyfriends. Experienced with 7 people in between. She shyly tells her that her boyfriend is also a normal sexual intercourse, and she didn't get much pleasure and just masturbated and felt comfortable. When she talked to her, she was quiet, kind and obedient, she couldn't find a man in the remote class, she was lonely and missed, and she argued that there were a lot of videos on the site and she agreed.



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