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Wakane Born In A Good Family

El Nino

uploaded 2021-09-14 14:42:45



2021-09-14 14:42:45



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Wakane-san 60 years old Mother's older sister (housewife), born in a good family, living with her daughter and her husband, and her younger sister (photographer's mother) are still so close to each other that they travel together. ・ She is a good wife and wise aunt who has supported her family for more than 40 years, probably because she couldn't have a boy. For him, a woman who has become a sexual awakening, he seems to have a relationship since the DC era. At first I was surprised at the relationship between the two, but when I saw this huge breasts, I was immediately convinced. Beautiful white skin and breasts that are unique to a mature woman. I can't stand the elegant beauty of the graceful gestures. It is no exaggeration to say that it has been trained, and it is obedient to any order. Rather, there are places where you are doing it yourself ... Every time her nephew's cock pierces, the plump bust that shakes greatly is raw spit. It seems that the first grandchild will be born soon ...

わかねさん 60歳 母の姉(主婦)・良家の生まれ・娘夫婦と旦那の4人暮らし・妹(撮影者の母)とは今でも一緒に旅行するほどの仲。・男児が出来なかった為か、撮影者をかなり溺愛している40年以上、家庭を支えるまさに良妻賢母な伯母。彼にとっては性の目覚めとなった女性、なんとDC時代から関係を持っているそうです。最初2人の関係に驚きましたが、この爆乳を見たら即納得しました。白く綺麗な肌に、熟女ならではのトロけるような乳房。お淑やかな仕草に上品な美貌も堪りません。調教済みと言っても過言ではない程、どんな命令にも従順。むしろ自らしている様な所も…。甥っ子の男根が突き刺さる度に、大きく揺れる豊満なバストは生唾ものです。もうすぐ初孫も生まれるそうです…。


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